• Teamwork

  • Solidarity

  • Discipline


Once stood proud as one of the most powerful creed in the Mollector universe, the Beasts have declined in numbers and became a minority as a consequence of the Great MOL War. The Beasts then together joined forces with the Elementals to open a portal and migrated to the world of F.A.N.G.S.

The Beasts are ferocious in battles with amazing physical prowess, usually able to take on multiple targets or withstand damage for multiple allies.

"Of all the creatures of the F.A.N.G.S, the few ordained ones are known as the Beasts. They are born formless yet consciously perfect. What to become of them is the matter of choice, they tend to form themselves in ways that terrify their enemies and capture the favor of their Mollectors"

--Hisoka, Champion of The Lost--

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