Mollector Staking Event Announcement

Dear Mollector supporters and investors, enough time has passed, and now the fruitful harvest season for the true believers is here.

We are delighted to announce the upcoming Staking Programs for MOL holders and Mollector supporters in a dual Staking Scheme: MOL Staking and LP Staking to earn accumulative rewards of NFT Card Chests.

Staking Event I

Open staking time: 10:00 UTC, Apr 08 2022 – 10:00 UTC, Apr 17 2022

Event duration (Staking duration): 28 days

Event end day: 10:00 UTC, May 14 2022.

Staking Site & Instructions are available.

MOL Staking

Single staking of MOL in the form of locking a certain amount of MOL tokens to earn the following reward packages

LP Staking

Stake in MOL-BUSD pair by locking a certain amount of BUSD to earn the following reward packages

Benefits of Staking

MOL token value will increase when its usability grows. As a form of additional investment benefits for MOL holders and Mollector Game players, staking will add to your earnings through early NFT ownership. Your NFT Chests can be opened to acquire NFT Cards for gameplay, customization and trading. Chests that you earn are also profitable assets that can be traded in the Marketplace.

On the economic side of things, staking also reduces the tradable amount of MOL tokens in circulation, influencing token prices towards a more sustainable growth dynamic to help protect the interests of investors and players as well as the project’s long-term securities.

For the NFT gaming community and culture at large, staking is the most accessible and effective means of fostering the bonds between developers and their stakeholders. Every staking package is a Smart Contract that ensures investors’ benefits while honoring the developers’ commitment to delivering their visions and promises.

In conclusion

Mollector aims to be the world’s most Player-Centric NFT Collectible Card game powered by Blockchain. Despite the recent turmoils and volatility in the field, you have awarded us with fantastic confidence and support. More than ever, we are staying true and strong to our cause and will stop at nothing to bring you the outcomes you expect. So let us stake for a future worth striving for.

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