1. What is Mollector?

Mollector is a Play-to-Earn digital, collectible, and auto-combat card game where players can collect, trade, upgrade Hero Cards, and combat against other players in various game modes. Initially released on Balance Smart Chain with plans to expand to other popular chains Mobile-friendly and available on both mobile and desktop. Learn more at https://www.mollector.com/

2. What is the contract of Mollector?

3. Where can I play Mollector?

Our game is available on both mobile and desktop devices. An early Demo version can be accessed via our Discord channel if you are signed up as a Mollector Pioneer.

4. Which blockchain will Mollector be developed on? Will Mollector extend to multi-chain?

Right now, Mollector is developed on Binance Smart Chain as our main chain. But in the near future, we will expand to multi-chain networks soon.

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