💭How To Play

1. How can I get Hero Cards?

You can buy single Hero Cards or Mystery Boxes on Marketplace.

2. What are Fusion and Mutation?

  • Fusion: combine low-level Hero Card to upgrade

  • Mutation: Change stats & secondary skills

For detail, please refer to Upgrading Features here.

3. Does Mollector have different Card rarities?

Yes, we categorize Hero Cards into 3 types according to their rarity: Common < Rare < Epic.

4. How does the battle system work?

Mollector has multiple battle modes, such as:

  • PvP: Casual, Ranking, vs Friend

  • PvE: Campaign, World Boss, Dungeon

  • Brawl

  • Tournament

For detail, please refer to Game Modes here

5. What is the difference between Normal and Elite Hero Cards?

Normal and Elite Hero Cards both have different primary skills. But only Elite Hero Cards possess powerful skills which play a central role in building the entire formation’s tactics. With them, you can create the best card combos in Mollector.

6. Does Mollector have a balancing system?

Sure, balancing is an important element in fighting game design. Our Game Design team works really hard on this system.

7. Can I sell Hero Cards for real money?

No and Yes. You can not sell Hero Cards for real money but you can only sell them on Marketplace for $MOL - our governance token, then swap $MOL for real money.

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