Unique features and values


Most other projects simply adapt a regular game with blockchain payment and call it gamefi. We are a game built from scratch on blockchain for blockchain, so that meaningful features such as Real-time token burning and Inflation control are possible. That means everything you do while enjoying the game will become real-time actions that help you earn while protecting the community from loss.


You don’t just own the NFT of every card, you will also be able to personalize your card with NFT arts minted by yourself or purchased from market place. That means you won’t just hunt and own rare cards, you will also create unique, one of a kind cards. While holding the governance tokens, you will also take part in proposing and voting for new characters with the rest of the community. In other words, you own your cards and you own your game.


We aim to celebrate the world's culture and creativity by infusing world heritage, mythologies, epics, folk tales and legends into our game lore and designs. We actively seek out artists of different creeds and cultures to collaborate and generate multiple options of character concepts as well as designs, in which each artist will bring their own personal flairs and heritage into the game world. Remember how you can personalize your NFTs? This is the feature that can help you truly create the game that’s most relevant to you.


We are game developers with more than a decade of experience. We understand how a game could and should offer you fun, explorations and rewarding experiences without making you work for it. Our game will be perfectly optimized for mobile device users, our game mechanics allow for both long and short gaming sessions to fit your daily needs for fun. Our native-built blockchain mechanics let you play, enjoy and earn directly on web3 without any gaps in between. Simply your daily dose of profitable fun!


The true value of a Blockchain game is feasible only when the other 4 core values are guaranteed: a sustainable economy, a highly personalized blockchain experience, an unending evolution of creativity and content, a robust and secured ecosystem, to ensure a strong and continuously growing community where developers, creators, players, collectors and investors can collaborate fairly and transparently to enjoy common growth and passions without end.

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