The Main World

In a space beyond spaces, at a time beyond time exists a universe in between universes called The Edge. Amongst the many strange worlds at The Edge, a binary star system called the Twisted Clouds became the convergence of civilizations. Exchange of wealth, wisdom and cultures between the many species and factions are extremely accessible and boisterous. It should not be mistaken that the Twisted Clouds is the origin of life and prosperity, however. In fact, life had never originated in this region of space. Life at the Twisted Clouds came from elsewhere.

There are 7 planets, 5 are inhabited by 5 powerful factions, the other 2 are either too naturally hostile to colonize or too politically dangerous to settle in.

The Factions

There are many life forms co-existing in the Twisted Clouds. The most powerful of them are categorically aligned into 5 main factions: Beast, Dragon, Demon, Elemental, and Mech. The remaining warriors who do not exclusively belong to any of the factions are called The Losts.

Genesis Molecule

Life did not flourish naturally in the Twisted Clouds but something much more valuable was found here. The Genesis Molecules, universally designated as MOL is the reason powers of the universe converge, colide and collect here. By empirical means or mythical methods, the origins of the MOL has never been discovered, only one thing is clear: the MOLs are the principal components of reality itself. Possession of the MOLs therefore become a unique obsession for anything conscious in this universe.

Radiation Energy

In the ancient times, the archaic species have learned how to harvest dark matter and exploited dark energy. In the efforts to push dark energy technologies beyond its limits, RADI was detected and soon, the Genesis Molecules. Radiations (RADI) generated by every MOL is immense yet perfectly consistent and easily captured. The discovery of RADI & MOL transcended the universe when the issue of energy generation, storage and transfer became irrelevant. MOL quickly became the universal currency of wealth and RADI the measurement of existence. As a shrewd trader once said: "You can't go anywhere without MOL and you can't be anything without RADI", it matters to have some MOLs and lots of RADI.

The Great War for Molecule

The Great MOL War is one of the most important events in the Mollector's universe, leading to the current timeline of the game. The Mollector Universe evolved and diverged around only one thing: The Genesis Molecule. Utilizing the Genesis Molecules, worlds and civilizations reached their peak in technological and magical aspects. However, MOL radiation abuse and disregard for natural resources directly lead to an ecological crisis and severe disruptions in the fabrics of reality. The priorities of every major power quickly became aggressive. Tension arose and The Great MOL War inevitably broke out. The mightiest heroes and the deadliest weapons all participated in legendary battles and immeasurable destructions. In the bid to best all rivals, secret developments of some overambitious factions and two desperate species lead to the creation of a Sentient Black Hole.

Eventually, the Black Hole - the most feared entity in the Mollector universe became the only one winning in the universe. Like all life at The Edge, it was not created in the Twisted Clouds but it's heading towards the Twisted Clouds and the only force that can stop it began to emerge behind the veils of reality. That mysterious force of unaturally super power is known as the Mollectors.

A New Hope

Records of the ancients began to emerge, particularly the data regarding the existence of the Mollectors and their prophesied arrival. Residents from different civilizations and planets began to open up communicate and resumed trades with each other. Elite members from the factions led the process to form a council responsible for seeking out the Mollectors and return the universe to its golden era. The “Mollector” game takes place in this period.

The Unwritten History

Fear, confusion and anger took over the worlds of Twisted Clouds. Beasts and Elementals formed uneasy partnership to create safe passages between planets for both tactical and survival goals. Dragons and Mechs fortified their worlds as Demons quietly cloaked their entire planet in darkness. The ancients almost went extinct, with only a few left wandering around the known worlds. The future is unclear.

The sentient Black Hole is bound to return and Twisted Clouds will be once more at war, a War for Survival.

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