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Token Model

Mollector operates on a dual token economy - the governance token MOLECULE (MOL) and the in-game token RADIATION (RADI). The first token, known as Molecule or $MOL, is more influential than just a standard governance token that is mostly used in “pay-to-win” games. Meanwhile, the reward token - $RADI, will be used to access in-game features, modes and battles.
Mollector’s Play-to-Earn system is thoroughly calculated and designed to ensure that players at all levels with all purposes have the opportunity to earn. Furthermore, the Play-to-Earn mechanism of the game is carefully scaled to prevent hyperinflation through the self-balancing method.
Governance token
In-game token
Token Symbol
Token Standard
BEP - 20
BEP - 20
Total Supply
1,000,000,000 (fixed)
  • Fusion Fee
  • Receiving $RADI upon staking $MOL
  • Accelerator for generating Mutant Essence
  • Purchasing chests and cards on the in-game marketplace
  • Mutant fee
  • Recharge fee to join in-game activities
  • Material for the creation of Mutant Essence