The Void


  • Dark Spells

  • Defense Reduction

  • Damage Dealing


The Demon faction is a collective of beings and creatures from different factions who are obsessed with the Dark Powers. They use MOL radiation for personal ambitions, changing their forms and modifying their powers. Demons are complex and intriguing as much as they are disgusting and usually evil.

In the Great War, Demons tried to strike a deal with The Black Hole - the most feared entity with immense powers. After the war, some followed The Black Hole to build a new base. The meager remainder returned to its home planet, resigned from fighting the war, and continued to research & recruit behind the cloak of darkness they surrounded their planet with.

"Not all Demons are evil... yet some how evil always seem to come from the Demons"

--Vinothini, Nomad of The Lost--

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