Pre-Alpha Game Rules


Every battle costs 2 energy units to initiate.

Skipping a battle costs 2 energy units.

One (1) energy unit takes 432 seconds to regenerate.



Card sets with “Pre-emptive Strike” skills will claim the first move.

If both card sets hold “Pre-emptive Strike”, the winner of the coin toss will move first.

Cards in a set will queue up attacks in the order from 5 to 1, alternating turns between you and your opponent.

Defeated cards will be removed from the set and orders will be reassigned, shifting the remaining cards from high positions to lower positions.

Cards can be reborn and resume their previous position.

Summoned cards will take available lower positions.


The first Player to lose all the cards will be defeated.

The game is at a Draw when both Players run out of cards at the same time.


If you are new to card games, taking time to study the skills and stats of each card will help you greatly. Try building your first decks focusing on each faction to experience the strengths and weaknesses of each combo before attempting experiments and optimizing your winning rate.

As you climb your rank, you'll face new decks of different strategies from other players which may require further optimization or even replacing your deck with something else entirely. Remember there are always counters to any skill or combo in the game, stay sharp and stay agile!

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