The Citadel


  • Adaptability

  • Self-upgrade


Mechs, the sentient mechanical life forms that run on RADI energy, were created by the ancients in the Mollector world. Their original directives or purpose of existence were lost in time, Mechs integrated themselves with the other factions through trade and commerce but when it came to blows, they proved to be an extremely adaptive and ingenious kind.

However, during The Great War, some members of the Mech realized the futility of the war so they abandoned the war and lived in seclusion. The Citadel is a massive marvel of terraforming and engineering that practically transformed a planet into a mechanized capital of peace and economic development.

"Some times I wonder why we call them the Mechs... I've seen more life in their world than any other places full of markets and exchanges."

--Lol'master, Chronicler of The Lost--

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