Mollector is an NFT collectible auto-combat card game, built from scratch for Blockchain on Blockchain. The game offers an immersive experience that’s based on deckbuilding, strategy, and the Play-to-Earn approach, pushing the boundaries towards Play to Enjoy-Earn-Explore.
Inspired by the Hearthstone and Dungeons & Dragons world, Mollector takes place in a fantasy universe where magnificent beings from Six Factions co-exist and battle for supremacy.
Players, a.k.a Mollectors travel around an expanding game map called the Twisted Clouds, discovering new worlds, collect, trade, consume and upgrade heroes cards from Six Factions to compete against each other, defeat the World Bosses and save the universe. On top of that, each Hero Card in a player’s collection can be personalized with NFT arts of their own or purchased from Mollector’s marketplace.
The main focus of the game is to build a balanced game economy and challenging gameplay to give players both financial and entertainment values. Mollector features the best of both worlds - an “easy to play, hard to master” card game that can satisfy traditional gamers and an appealing earning mechanism for crypto enthusiasts.
Last modified 1yr ago